Improving health research and building data science capacity in Asia

The Global Health Network has transitioned to a regional leadership and governance structure in which three Coordination Centres in Africa, Asia and Latin America lead the region. For Asia, icddr,b in Dhaka, Bangladesh is the central point of organisation, leadership, operational oversight and delivery for the training and capacity strengthening and data science initiatives in the region.


We are delivering the programme through the following workstreams:

WP 1: Capacity Building

Deliver health research skills training both online and in-person, in-country.

WP 2: New evidence from pathfinder projects

Teach and embed skills, systems, and technology by doing, therebygenerating new evidence by analysing data from existing projects within our networks.

WP 3: Increased data access, reuse and sharing across the global network

Facilitate increased data sharing, access, and reuse by strengthening the technical infrastructure and governance frameworks in line with the regional partners' objectives and overcoming existing barriers.

WP 4: Strengthened research and data science environments

Maintain a platform that connects this work together and creates systems, structures and support for health research and data science.

WP 5: Establishing federated global strategic partnerships

We will work with partner institutions and collaborators to build capabilities in training and enhance systems to support finance, contracts, and human resources administration. We will strengthen the ability of organisations and institutions to manage large funding awards. Such gaps were cited in a recent study into the barriers to independent research leadership in the Global South of 2,727 responses 1154 cited lack of capabilities. WP5 seeks to change this situation.